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Your Energy. Our Focus

Lean Energy provides energy consulting and solutions to help customers understand their energy usage, generate and store renewable energy, optimise their energy consumption, and manage their energy demand.

We recently changed our name from COROSPARK to LEAN ENERGY to reflect our growth from an electrical contractor to an integrated energy consultancy. 

Energy Consulting & Solutions

Reducing your exposure to the grid. Intelligently

Lean Energy provides customised energy solutions that reduce your reliance on the grid and deliver dramatic opex and capex cost savings

Let’s Chat About My Energy

We promise that we will start by focusing on your energy usage and business objectives, and then want to analyse your historical usage, before discussing any solutions in detail. This is part of what we call the ‘Lean Energy Way’ to ensure our customers get the energy solution they need.

Lean Energy is headquartered in Melbourne and has a team spread across Australia.

Tel: 1300 79 55 11